How app works?

Our app will create dynamic collections based on past orders of store. The number of days and frequency of generation is completely configurable by merchant. Optionally, we will redirect your customers to the collections which is generated for the his country. You can change the name of collection, add any product in that if you want that product to stay in the collection.

How to configure app?

  1. Before activating the app configure it as per your need!
  2. Make sure that you have enough orders to generate country collections.
  3. You can change period of analysis to more or less depending on number of orders you get daily. This is the period within which we will get all your orders and analyse them to create collections.
  4. You can change frequency of generation to control how often should we refresh the best sellers by country. We recommend it to keep it 15 days to avoid annoying customers either because they would think it is random or they might have a product in mind which is placed in collection and which might be removed in next automatic generation.
  5. Change maximum number of products a collection can have.
  6. Change maximum number of countries for which we should generate collection.
  7. You can create collections manually by clicking the Generate button.
  8. To create collections automatically you can turn on toggle "Refresh Collections Automatically"
  9. Turn on the app. This will automatically redirect customers visiting your default collection to be redirect to country based collection.
  10. When app will generate first time, it will also generate default collection. This can be added to navigation by following below instructions.


App doesn't leave a trace on uninstallation. You can simply remove the app from your apps in Shopify Admin as given in Shopify Documentation